If you’re considering conversion, you probably have some questions. How much will it cost? How far can one charge take me? Will my electric vehicle talk like that car from Knight Rider? Because the answers require some hands-on knowledge of your specific wants and needs, we’d like to work with you directly.


What Makes A Quote?

The question we’re asked the most is, “How much does an electric car conversion cost?” This also happens to be one of the more difficult questions to answer. It depends on the type and condition of the vehicle, as well as how fast you want it to go.

Electric conversion kits can be boiled down to three tiers: standard, sporty, and speed demon. Your driving style determines what level of engine you will need and how much the overall cost will be.
Our favorite projects are “barn finds”, those vintage vehicles you see rusting away on someone’s property. Luckily, these broken down beauties can be bought for cheap, but often require repairs to the guts and body. This will factor into the overall cost of conversion.
The Atlanta Electric Car Company doesn’t just convert cars. We also make your vehicle as comfortable and cool as you want. From custom interiors to bangin’ sound systems to killer paint jobs, we have the skill to make your ride a head-turner.