Enjoy creating your own custom electric car

Create your own, totally you custom electric car.

This is a lot of fun. Trust us.  Here’s what happens when you decide to try this custom-vintage-car-turned-electric-experience out.

Step 1.  You begin to use your imagination and web searching skills to find YOUR car.  We’re talkin’ if you were a car you would be a ……..

Step 3.  Then you will email with us and send us lots of links for cool cars you have found and we will get excited with you and the restoration guys will start arguing over who get’s to work on it.

Step 4.  You have a moment. You find YOUR CAR and it gives you goosebumps. And you chuckle about buying a vintage car off Ebay with a blown engine.

Step 5.  You place the bid.  You hit “bid now” and run away from your computer laughing. This is exhilarating for you, to place your first bid on a car on Ebay.

Step 6. We provide you with an estimate.  We can do this before you buy a car actually, it’s up to you. Or we can find your vintage car for you. We go over things you need like the Plugshare app, a Level 2 Charger for your home and what kind of paint job YOU want for YOUR car.

Sometimes you need some creative vision and help, so we brainstorm and send you lots of ideas till you catch on and get excited. Like this one we just started this week.  These before shots of this 1999 Isuzu Vehicross are great simply because the after pics will be shocking. We’re talking custom coolness you can’t find anywhere but your mind.

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