3 Reasons to Convert to Electric (That Nobody’s Talking About)

Reasons for Electric Conversion | Atlanta Electric Car Company
It seems like everybody’s talking about the same benefits of electric cars over and over again: the low carbon footprint, the huge savings on gas, generally great for the world, blah blah blah. We get it, they’re better in almost every way. But what about the speed? The long, sweaty hours under the hood? Or the roar of the engine? You know, the important stuff? Well despite the gossip, converting to electric doesn’t mean sacrificing the thrill of the ride. Though you’ve got us on the maintenance part…

Blown Transmission?
No Problem.

We think you might be misremembering the glory of troubleshooting a transmission. Either you do it yourself and it’s grueling, hard work… or you’re forced to spit noises at a mechanic until they know what you’re talking about. Electric car conversion means you can skip dealing with the transmission during a tune up. Many electric motors have the ability to connect directly to the rear differential, removing the need for a standard transmission replacement on, say, a kickass 1974 Ford Falcon in need of a little TLC. Plus, there’s still a ton of beautiful tech inside an electric engine that any decent gear head would love to gawk at.

Reasons to Convert | Atlanta Electric Car Company
Behold: the poster child of new electric vehicles.

You Can Go Fast.
Really Fast.

Aside from the hugely expensive Tesla Roadster, most speed-inclined car shoppers see electric cars as round goofy golf carts. It’s hard to blame them of course, when you look at the current state of affordable electric vehicles. The beauty of converting an existing vehicle is that you can determine exactly how fast you want to go, so you can have a ride that looks fast and also goes very fast without spending Tesla money. If you still don’t believe us, check out this completely electric, barely street legal 1972 Datsun, nicknamed White Zombie.

Peace and Quiet
(or Anything But)

You know those long, peaceful drives with nothing to listen to but the wind in your hair and a perfect Hall and Oates playlist? Well, that is, as long as your vehicle is in pristine condition, because otherwise you’re also hearing the squeaking of a fan belt, the screeching of brake pads, maybe the inevitable sound of overheating… These trips have a tendency to become a lot less harmonic very quickly. Electric conversion will make even the beastliest looking trucks completely pollution free, carbon dioxide and noise alike. That is, unless you want your beastly truck to roar down the road, in which case, yes, absolutely, let’s do that. Hell, why stop there, some kits allow your electric vehicle to sound like the Millennium Falcon, Formula 1 cars, anything you can think of. And as that Hall and Oates playlist goes, let’s just say there’s a fair amount of room for speakers once that massive gas guzzler of an engine is out of there.

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